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produce high resolution marks using laser technology onto metal



  • Quick and easy way to mark various metals using laser energy
  • Produce high contrast, high resolution marks on stainless steel, carbide, chrome, brass, copper, pewter and untreated aluminium as well as several other metals
  • Mark graphics, serial numbers, lot numbers, production codes, ID matrix codes, barcodes, tracking info, part numbers, grids, graduations, scales, logo's etc.
  • Can be brushed on, dabbed on or sprayed depending on your requirements
  • Available in Aerosol Can, Marking Tape (1 inch, 2 inches and 3 inches wide), 100 gram pack and 50 gram pack

How to use CerMark Spray:

There is no mixing or diluting required. CerMark spray is ready to use immediately on clean, uncoated metals. Simply spray holding the can at a distance of 8 to 10 inches from the metal work piece and apply a thin, even coat.

Air dry for 15-20 minutes by which time the CerMark application will become a light tan colour.

The coated area of the metal can then be engraved at 100% power and a speed equivalent to your lasers rated power eg. if your laser system is 24 watts use a speed of 25%, if your system is 50 watts use a speed of 50% and so on. Once the engraving is complete simply wash the un-engraved CerMark from the metal using water and a soft brush if required.