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LaserPro MG380 Hybrid Laser Machine for Cutting and Engraving fulfils the highest demands offering the best of both worlds with dual laser tubes.

The LaserPro MG380 Hybrid is equipped with both a metal laser tube and a glass laser tube in one machine allowing the user to produce superior engraving and cutting work. No need for two machines - save space and maximise profit! A sturdy, high quality build with numerous uniquely innovative and user friendly features.


Available in the following power options:

  • MG380Hybrid-12100
    Glass laser tube: 100W
    Metal laser tube: 12W
  • MG380Hybrid-25100
    Glass laser tube: 100W
    Metal laser tube: 25W

LaserPro MG380 Hybrid - a total solution - one machine with dual laser tubes to deliver superior engraving and cutting results on a variety of materials.

Laser Cutting/ Engraving Machine MG380 hybrid Features

Dual Laser Tubes Image

Dual laser tubes

The high engraving quality of RF driven laser tubes while taking advantage of low per-wattage cost of DC excited CO2 glass laser tubes to deliver clear cutting edge on thick materials.

Software Image

innovative software features

Simple step engraving and cutting laser parameters in GCC LaserPro driver, MG380Hybrid will automatically use different laser tubes to do its best output quality. A real smart laser engraver/ cutter.

Emergency Stop Image

Emergency Stop

Big red button located on the top of the machine allows operators to stop the laser and the motion carriage immediately to provide a highly safe operational environment.

Motion System Image

Motion System with DC Servo Motor

The GCC LaserPro MG380Hybrid utilizes a high speed closed-loop DC servo motor for precise and fast carriage movement to ensure exceptionally accurate cutting outputs.

Autofocus Image


Patented Autofocus Gauge adjusts the laser engraver to the precise focal point on the engraving area automatically. The Autofocus is the most effective lens-focusing tool that prevents human error when exact measurement of distance from the surface of the working material is needed.

Programmable origin Image

Programmable Origin

Easy-to-use position modes allow the operator an effortless way to setup a job with Drag-N-Engrave. Repetitive workflows can be drastically simplified by relocating the origin position to any desired location.

Pass Through Doors Image

Pass-Through Front and Rear Doors

This convenient front and rear door design enables operators to load extremely long working pieces.

Control Panel Image

Easy-to-use Control Panel

Designed for simplifying complex tasks, the LaserPro MG380 Hybrid's user friendly interface is a great facilitator to provide powerful function settings

Quality build Image

Rigid and Reliable Construction

Solid machine structure ensures superior output quality and motion stability for superb performance.

Engraving Image

Superb Engraving and Cutting Quality

Total solution in one machine, the innovative LaserPro MG380 Hybrid delivers superior engraving and cutting results with its high end technology.

MG380 hybrid Laser Cutting/engraving Machine Tech Spec


Sealed Co2 Laser


38 x 24 in. ( 960 x 610 mm )


All Doors Closed
(W x L x H)
41 x 25 x 6.5 in. ( 1041 x 635 x 165 mm )


All Doors Open
(W x L x H)
41 x ∞ x 6.5 in. ( 1041 x ∞ x 165 mm )

Table Size

42.7 x 29.5 in. ( 1085 x 750 mm )


68.9 x 48.9 x 40 in. (1750 x 1242 x 1017 mm)


Closed-loop DC Servo Control

Computer Interface

Standard printer port and usb adapter


40 IPS



Memory Buffer

32mb Standard


Class 2 for red pointer

Power Consumption

1540 Watts

Water Chiller

Water chiller is required

Specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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